Fixing a Kenmore 80 Series Dryer

I couldn’t find any decent guides online on how to fix a heating up, but non-spinning Kenmore dryer, so here’s my attempt at filling that void. I have a Kenmore 80 series dryer, so depending on your dryer and parts, you may have an easier or harder process.

The problem I was having was, my dryer was heating up fine but it wasn’t spinning. If the heat was an issue, it would likely be a failed heating element. If it’s not spinning, it’s likely a belt issue, or could be a problem with the idler pulley or motor. I could hear the motor, so luckily that wasn’t my issue.

The first thing you need to find is your dryer model number, mine was on the inside of the door of the unit. My model number #11060832990, which is important for later.

I used this video to guide me through opening the dryer. It’s an easy process, you just need to know the trick to it.

Once it’s opened up and taken apart, you can see if the belt is broken. If the belt is broken, it’s an easy fix, just order a new belt. I found the part number on the Sears Parts Direct website, specifically on this page for my model dryer.

I found the problem was my dryers belt was slipping off the idler pulley. I put it back on, but it continued to slip off. This is because my idler pulley needed to be replaced.

The idler pulley was slipping too much, allowing the belt to fall into the gap. My belt was also pretty worn down, so I replaced that too. It was about $50 in parts, so totally worth while doing myself.

I couldn’t find the instructions for the dryer belt anywhere online, and they include this useful tip:

Before installing replacement belt, it is recommended that the idler pulley and bracket be inspected for the following:
A. Pulley does not rotate freely.
B. Pulley does not rotate at all.
C. Pulley is very loose on shaft.
D. Shaft rotates with the pulley.
If any one of the above conditions is found, replace the idler pulley and bracket assembly, to prevent damage to new belt.

This confirmed my suspicion with the idler pulley being the issue, so I’m glad I replaced it all at once rather than ordering just the belt. The dryer now runs fine without issue.

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