Sirius Playlists

A web service that scrapes the Sirius XM ‘now playing’ data, finds it on youtube, and plays as it is scraped. It’s a makeshift free internet satellite radio service, with just the music.

There are a few issues, such as matching the correct song on youtube, youtube ads, and non-song portions of the video.

View the demo here: Serious Playlists.


Hopefully it should be pretty self-explanitory, load the page, select a station, and every 30 seconds it will search for a new track. If there is one, it will add it to the song queue. Songs are search for, and played through, YouTube. When a song ends, the next one will come on.


  1. Clone this repo
  2. Install Node.js and NPM
  3. Install MongoDB and ensure you can connect to it
  4. Get a Youtube API key and set it to the environment variable YT_API_KEY
  5. npm start to start the web server on localhost:3000

To Do

  • Make it pretty
  • Improve the song queue, make it one big long queue, instead of a upcoming and completed one.
  • Make priority list for stations (using a sortable list)
  • Improve the logic for selecting tracks, eg, grab 5 at startup to build the queue, select random previous song from that day if queue is empty, etc.
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