Adam Laycock

06 May 2017

Fixing a Kenmore 80 Series Dryer

I couldn’t find any decent guides online on how to fix a heating up, but non-spinning Kenmore dryer, so here’s my attempt at filling that void. I have a Kenmore 80 series dryer, so depending on your dryer and parts, you may have an easier or harder process.

20 Jun 2016

Project: Wutsgüd

I participated as the mobile application developer for Wutsgüd, a business rating app, for finding what you want quickly, without having to read a novel. Wutsgüd is developed using React Native, meaning the core of the app is JavaScript, with native code added in where React Native falls short.

20 Jun 2016

Project: Trumpet

I participated as a front end developer for the project of building, which is a new review platform which encourages breivity and honesty through transparency.

23 May 2016

How to get a free Stripe t-shirt, AKA stop exposing your API keys

I’m probably preaching to the choir with this post, but it should be pretty obvious that if you ever commit one of your secret API keys to your git repository and push it, you should reset that key.

09 Jan 2016

Smart Mirror - The Frame

In September I spent a day building the frame for the mirror. I’m no good at woodworking, so it’s a bit rough around the edges (literally). Maybe someday I’ll have the skills to rebuild, but it’s pretty good for now.

24 Jul 2015

Smart Mirror - The Mirror

Finding a two-way mirror wasn’t particularly difficult, all I had to do was call up a few places, get estimates, get some samples, and then buy the one that looked the best. You can see in the picture below one of my samples as well as the mirror I went with.

23 Jul 2015

Smart Mirror - The Monitor

After I bought the Raspberry Pi, and the Hover, the next step was to get an appropriate monitor. The monitor I went with is the AOC E2476VWM6, which isn’t a great monitor for daily usage since the colour isn’t great, and only has HDMI and VGA ports.

01 Jul 2015

Smart Mirror - Intro

I’ve been working on making my own take on the Magic Mirror, which was originally done by Michael Teeuw. It’s been done many times by other people, but mine is going to be a little bit different and a little bit more complicated.

11 May 2015

Project: SmartMirror

This is the back-end for my smart mirror. It displays the current time, weather, and some news stories. It also has integration for gesture controls, so you can wave you hand near the mirror and have it do stuff.

02 Jun 2014

Project: Sirius Playlists

A web service that scrapes the Sirius XM ‘now playing’ data, finds it on youtube, and plays as it is scraped. It’s a makeshift free internet satellite radio service, with just the music.

09 Mar 2014

Project: TableFinder

A simple table selector for the website The goal was to allow a small group of users select seats at a table for an event.

10 Jan 2013

Project: MeetupCal-Bot

This bot is for retrieving posts from Reddit, parsing them, and then generating a calendar that automatically gets uploaded to the subreddit.