A simple table selector for the website The goal was to allow a small group of users select seats at a table for an event.

Functionality includes:

  • Administratively create accounts with randomized passwords.
  • Select tables, provides an graphical interface for seeing which seats are taken, available, or selected.
  • Email confirmations.

Demo website

User login can be found here

Username is [email protected] and password is pOd{Zd5f:&FH

Admin login can be found here

Admin username is Admin and password is hello!@#world123

To do

To do list, in no particular order

  • Fix the CSS, it’s a bit of a mess and the layout could be significantly better.
  • Unit testing, the code doesn’t exactly lend itself to testing right now, so more refacting would be in order before beginning this.
  • More administrative functionality such as modifying user information, modifying table selections, password resets.
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