I participated as a front end developer for the project of building, which is a new review platform which encourages breivity and honesty through transparency.


Reviews — Micro-reviews, capped at 320 characters (or a double-tweet), encourage users to tell us what they like and dislike about a business quickly. No stories or novels about their experience, just the essentials to get the information you need.


Users can follow each other to keep track of their friends, and the places they like. We’re a local business, and we know local businesses thrive on word-of-mouth, so we allow users to share reviews and businesses directly to Facebook and Twitter.

To keep customers involved, we recently added events to the Trumpet platform, that way users can see what their favourite local businesses are up to.

Features for Businesses

Business owners are important to us, and helping them stay in touch with the community is essential. We let businesses know as soon as they get a review, and they can directly respond to their customers, to ensure any negative experience can be resolved.


The home page.

The business page, which contains information about the business, as well as reviews.

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